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"QS certification" will be replaced by "SC"
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2017-7-11 13:25:12

October 1, 2015, “food production license management method" and the new "food safety" synchronous implementation. Since the implementation of the measures for the administration of the food production license expressly provide food production license number will be used by SC, food "QS" logo will be cancelled and was widely known as the "QS certification" means that the relics.

According to the new rules, new and replacement food producers, ought to be in food packaging or label new food production license number, no longer marked "QS" logo. Food producers have the package and label with "QS" logo, can continue to use until finished. October 1, 2018, food producers shall not use the original packaging, labels, and "QS" logo. The new food production license number is the letter "SC" plus 14 digits.

New rules and regulations, as long as the site and environment, facilities and equipment, personnel, and system, environment and health, such as meet the bid requirements, individual and industrial and commercial door also can apply for the food production license. And in the future, food production license for the enterprise principle, not only convenient for enterprises, also facilitates daily supervision.