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Canned Mushroom

  This product is made from fresh button mushrooms as raw material, through selecting, washing, blanching, grading, mixing, packaging and other processes, shelf life three years, mainly exported to the United States, Brazil, Europe and other countries and regions.

  Lankao city in Henan province is one of the major button mushroom producing areas in China, our company established the button mushroom production and processing bases in Lankao city. The area of our factory is 10000 square meters. The main products are canned mushrooms, brine mushroom, salted mushrooms, and other products. The annual processing capacity is more than 5000 tons.

  Product name: Canned Mushroom

  With material: mushrooms, water, citric acid,Salt

  Protect quality period: three years

  Packing specification: 400g /can (solid weight ≥ 260g)