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Our new product ---- Morel Mushroom
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2016-9-13 14:45:41

Morel Mushroom, for saddle bacterium morchella genera, lid because of its surface is uneven, such as the name morels, is a kind of rare and precious food, medicine and fungi, have been included in Li Shizhen's 《Compendium of Materia Medica》 in the book. Widely distributed in Tibet, Yunnan, Sichuan, Hubei,  Hunan and other provinces.

Morel mushroom is one of the most famous delicious edible fungus, the lid part contains a variety of amino acids, especially the glutamate content as high as 1.76%, that is the secret of it are delicious. Its nutrition is rich, according to the measurement, dry Morel mushroom containing 20% crude protein, crude fat 26%, carbohydrate 38.1%, still contain seven kinds of "human essential amino acids", is considered to be "very good sources of protein, and have the laudatory title of" meat "in the element. In addition, according to the determination of Morel mushroom contain a variety of vitamins, also contains a lot of essential mineral elements, are rich in selenium, potassium, phosphorus per hundred grams of dried sample content is 7 times and 4 times of cordyceps sinensis, zinc content is 4.3 times of the shitake mushroom and 4 times of hericium erinaceus, Iron content is 31 times of shitake mushroom and 12 times of hericium erinaceus, etc.

Morel mushroom is a banquet on the treasures, and eat the good parts of the great, folk have 'eat a full year after year, still full of hill eighty', 《compendium of materia medica》 records morel mushroom a "flat, taste sweet, with good food, intestines and stomach, digestion phlegm and qi, kidney, an aphrodisiac, and refreshing for brain function".

Because of morel mushroom delicious taste, rich nutrition, has long been popular at home and abroad, our country dried morel mushroom mostly exported to Europe and American. For hundreds of years, has been for wild fungus, production is extremely low, so in short supply, and high prices. In order to improve the output, China edible fungi association over the years committed to the artificial cultivation of morel mushroom, and foster success in recent years.

My company and one of China's edible fungus top experts, vice President of Chinese edible fungi association professor Luo Xinchang cooperation, promote morel mushroom artificial planting in Hubei, built with standardized planting base, is the largest and one of the highest yield of morel mushroom artificial planting base, supply stability, quality, and the good price. Welcome to my company to negotiate, the choose and buy!