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Alert to food safety in the high temperature weather
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2016-7-28 14:44:42

Recently, sustained high temperature in southern China, microorganisms grow extremely easily, food easy to rotten, in order to ensure the security of the public food, food technology co., LTD. Changzhou Newcastle made during high temperature food safety warning, SUNWIND mushroom seasoning to remind you to pay special attention to the following items: food safety during the high temperature

Stay away from "dangerous temperature"

What is " food safe temperature"? Each food during storage and preservation has a the most suitable temperature, over or below this temperature, the food will reduce the taste, and even lead to deterioration.

Had the greatest influence on food safety is a microbial, microbial breeding to several key factors, namely, nutrients, oxygen, temperature, humidity, before 3 is not easy to control, is easy to control temperature, away from the dangerous temperature will guarantee the safety of the food. Easy to breed of food microorganism is the temperature of 4 ℃ to 60 ℃.Usually during food processing and preservation to control the temperature of cold product below 4 ℃, hot product control above 60 ℃, prevent microbial multiply rapidly.

And 37 ℃ to 42 ℃ temperature is the most dangerous food.Fastest under this temperature, microbial breeding, 4 hours can increase more than 4000 times, the high temperature of summer just let food is in the most dangerous temperature.

Corruption prevention "food"

Corruption food including food composition and sensory properties of all kinds of changes.Such as corruption, oil rancidity of the fish, fruits and vegetables rot, etc.

Improper food storage temperature, would lead to microbial breeding, cause food corruption.In hot weather, microbial reproduction ability strong, special love hidden in protein-rich foods.Flexible packaging of sterilized milk, bottled juice such as if a drink not over, to the rest of the screw down the lid and immediately in the fridge.Meat is the most "GuXia", under the condition of 10 ℃ to 60 ℃ temperature storage time should be less than two hours, the long time storage is easy to spoil.SUNWIND mushroom seasoning it is recommended that you, the day can eat meat, will divide the bag packaging, frozen.

Beware of "poisoning" on the tip of the tongue

Midsummer season, the temperature rising, food deterioration and contamination, food poisoning and increased risk of intestinal infectious diseases, especially prone to 7 to September.

SUNWIND mushroom seasoning to give you a few "tip" to prevent food poisoning: one is the low temperature storage of food, pay attention to in the safety temperature storage food, to prevent deterioration.2 it is after contact with raw fish, raw meat and poultry should be paid attention to wash their hands, to prevent cross contamination.3 it is cooked, marked should be eating, advocating "buy now, now, now eat".Four is born cooked food cooking utensils to be used separately, to do a good job of cleaning and disinfection tableware, cooking utensils and eliminate flies, cockroaches, rats and other media.Five is vegetables and fruits should be fully soak, edible after cleaning.