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Our Granulated Chicken Flavor Products Sell Well in USA
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2015-12-1 14:42:18

My company has exported two containers of granulated chicken flavor to USA last month, a container to LA, another to Chicago. As well as the New York customer will order granulated chicken flavor from our company this month. This product is very popular in USA.

Because of China's poultry products exported to the United States is very difficult, so the granulated chicken flavor of my company doesn’t contain real chicken meat, it only has a chicken flavor. It’s technology is same as the granulated chicken bouillon, but doesn’t contain chicken powder, chicken protein powder and chicken paste. Its chicken flavor comes from chicken flavor paste. The main ingredients of chicken flavor are waiter, glucose, amino acid and spices, we get chicken flavor paste through the maillard reaction.

So the granulated chicken flavor is vegetarian, health and delicious.