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Sun Lee Inc review my company''s production base
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2015-5-20 14:39:53

On April 29, Sun Lee Inc. purchasing department, sales department, a line of three people, have a inspection in my company Hefei export processing base. Focuses on the production base of office, my company production, storage environment, and solid-state seasoning production workshop, the details about my company granulated mushroom seasoning, granulated chicken bouillon production process, health control, process control, key control points, equipment control and management, a lot of link such as production file record, the laboratory also audit the factory regular project inspection equipment and self-checking capability. Through an afternoon of appraisal, Sun Lee Inc well accepted our company's production and quality management level, gives a good evaluation, announced on the spot my company was rated as Sun Lee Inc qualified suppliers.

After the inspection, Sun Lee Inc's purchasing director Ms. Aumalee with my company general manager Mr. Gui ChunWei to discuss the purchase plan, reached a preliminary purchasing intention.

Spread the good news yesterday, Sun Lee Inc issued the first purchase order to my company, for a 40 ft' container granulated mushroom seasoning and granulated chicken flavor seasoning, and is about to sign the sales contract.